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Guiding Principles for Southwest Washington Symphony
Scholarships for Private Musical Instruction

1. Scholarships will be awarded based on student/family needs. The scholarships are for one-year period, from September 1 to August 31. A scholarship may be renewed by a student with the submission of an updated application each year.

2. In the scholarship year beginning September 1, 2021, the application deadline will be August 1st, for the scholarship period beginning September 1st . Applicants will receive notification by August 15th. Family members will not be considered as private instructors for purposes of awarding scholarships.

3. Families are expected to share in the cost of private lessons to the extent that they are able. The Symphony will not insist on knowing the details of a family’s financial situation but will instead rely on the family’s honest evaluation of their ability to pay a portion of the cost.

4. Applications will be considered for all musical disciplines, including voice. There is no obligation to participate in the Southwest Washington Symphony or any of its activities.

5. Applicants must have had some prior musical training, either in school or through private study. Accordingly, instrumental applicants must be enrolled in grades 5 – 12. Vocal music applicants must be in grades 8 – 12 due to concerns about the physical development of children younger than 13 years of age. 6. A major consideration in considering a student’s application will be the extent to which they have demonstrated a commitment to consistent practice. The Symphony will request that the applicant supply contact information for a person, such as a school music teacher or private instructor, who can attest to the seriousness of the applicant’s commitment.

7. The scholarships support shall be limited to one lesson per week. 8. The Symphony’s share of the cost will be paid when invoiced by the private instructor. Invoices can be submitted for payment no more frequently than monthly and should include the dates that lessons occurred during the period covered by the invoice. The student’s share can be paid in any manner agreeable to both the student’s family and the instructor.

Scholarship Application Form
Guiding Principles