Admission to all concerts is free!
No Strings Attached except those to the instruments
Southwest Washington Symphony Board of Directors 2017-18
Terms of service remaining on the SWS Board
  • 1 Years: Chris Edgren, Dolphine VZ Mack, 
  • 2 Years: Kurt Harbaugh, Keith Larson, Sue Hinshaw, Jane Pence
  • 3 Years: Clint Anderson, Jodi Greig, David Walworth, Mike Woods
Robert Davis

Standing Committee Assignments:
1. Executive Committee (board officers)
2. Budget, Finance & Endowment Committee – Chair, Vice Chair, Financial Secretary,
Treasurer, Dick Uthmann
3. Fund Raising Committee – Sue Hinshaw, Kurt Harbaugh, Sandy Putaansuu, David
4. Publicity & Marketing Committee – Sandy Putaansuu, Ginger Walworth, Dolphine Mack,
Jane Pence
5. Education & Outreach Committee – Sue Hinshaw, Kris McElroy-Weber, David Walworth
6. Program Committee – Music Director, Concert Master, Librarian, Principal players in the
7. Audition Committee – Music Director, Personnel Director, Concert Master, Principals as
8. Asset Management Committee – Librarian-Dick Uthmann
9. Facilities Committee – David Walworth, Kurt Harbaugh, Dick Uthmann, Mike Woods
10. Nominating Committee – Marge Ofstun, Leslie Dahl, Pauly McClelland, Glenda Schuh
11. Policy and Bylaws Committee – Jodi Greig, David Walworth, Kurt Haraugh, David
Taylor, Keith Larson
12. Archive Committee: Dolphine Mack, David Walworth

Board meetings held at 
Trinity Lutheran Church 7pm
2021 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632

Scheduled Meetings 
Upcoming Board Meeting dates are January 12, February 9, March 9, 2021.
No meeting in December 2020.


Meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome to observe. 
Visitors my make a short presentation to the board but may not join in board discussions or vote.
Anyone interested in being on the board or assisting committees, please submit a letter of interest to
PO Box 1011, Longview WA 98632


Committee Assignments: 

1. Executive Committee: Board Officers- David Walworth, Kurt Harbaugh, Jodi Greig, Cindy Brado, Merry Lloyd.

2. Budget, Finance & Endowment Committee: Financial Secretary-Merry Lloyd, Treasurer-Cindy Brado, Dick Uthmann, James Pafundi.

3. Fund Raising Committee: Sarah Koss, Kris McElroy-Weber, Sharon Floyd.

4. Publicity & Marketing Committee: Perry Piper, Sue Lane, Seth Burns, Pat Martin.

5. Education & Outreach Committee: Ron Joslin, David Walworth, Kris McElroyWeber.

6. Program Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Librarian-Dick Uthmann, Concert Master-Steven Shepard, Perry Piper, Kurt Harbaugh, David Taylor, Sharon Floyd, Principal players in the orchestra.

7. Audition Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Clint Anderson, Steven Shepard, Principals as needed.

8. Asset Management Committee: Librarian-Dick Uthmann.

9. Facilities Committee: David Walworth, Dick Uthmann, Kurt Harbaugh.

10. Nominating Committee: Marge Ofstun, Leslie Roth, Leslie Dahl, Polly McClelland, Lauren Cash, Glenda Schuh.

11. Policy and Bylaws Committee: David Walworth, Jodi Greig, Glenda Schuh, James Pafundi, Nicole Tideman, David Taylor.

12. Webmaster: Rod Lloyd

13. Personnel Manager: Clint Anderson.

14. Librarian: Dick Uthmann.