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Southwest Washington Symphony Board of Directors 2021

At the February 2021 meeting of the board, it was decided that in addition to receiving the
minutes of these meetings, it may be interesting to the musicians of the orchestra to know
about the work that individuals on the board are doing in support of the symphony.

Mike Woods, Board Chair, creates the agendas, runs meetings, currently on Zoom, meets
with Executive, Finance, Facilities and Scholarship Committees and is copied on the work of
all other committees. He also is primary on official communications and documents. 

David Walworth, Vice Chair, serves on the Executive, Finance, Facilities, Fund Raising,
Policy and Bylaws, Archive, and Community Outreach Committees. He initiates the contracts
for all venues, including Longview Schools, Lower Columbia College, Columbia Theatre,
Trinity Lutheran Church and Longview Community Church. He also works with area schools
to organize the Children’s Concerts in October. In the absence of a lead person for
marketing, David and Ginger Walworth gather the materials for printed programs, posters
and ads for all the concerts and send them on to Sandra Putaansuu, our graphic artist. David
and Ginger also rehearse the Symphony Chorale for the annual Christmas Concerts at
Longview Community Church. David is principal timpanist of the orchestra.

Katy Olson, Secretary, serves on the Executive, Policy and Bylaws, Education and Outreach,
and Scholarship Committees. In addition to providing minutes of all board
meetings, she publishes a “Board Member Handbook” that includes board
contacts, association bylaws, financial asset information and the conductor
contract. Her ability to organize an online place for the young artists to upload
their performance videos was extremely helpful to that project. Going forward,
she has offered to help with the social media needs of our marketing work. Katy
plays violin in the orchestra.
Chris Edgren, Treasurer, serves on the Executive and Finance Committees. Chris is a
Certified Public Accountant who generously donates his professional time to manage the
symphony accounts. He creates a document of the approved annual budget, pays the bills,
verifies monthly statements, keeps track of all symphony assets, which are documented in
an easy to read spread sheet for monthly meetings. He completes and processes all reports
that are required by state and federal agencies. Chris has also worked on fund raising,
including the writing of several successful grants that have added thousands of new dollars
to support the work of Southwest Washington Symphony Association.

Gennie Schoenecker, Financial Secretary, serves on the Executive, Finance and Policy and Bylaws
Committees.  She picks up the mail from the symphony post office box and delivers it to
the appropriate committee chairs. She receives, records and banks all donations to the
symphony and reports the receipts to the Treasurer and the board every month. 

Dolphine VZ Mack is the board member who officially represents the orchestra players. She
serves on the Publicity and Marketing and Archive Committees. Dolphine brings questions,
suggestions and concerns from orchestra players to the meeting, when they are
communicated to her. Dolphine is a Charter member of the symphony and a violist in the

Sue Hinshaw chairs the Scholarship Committee, is a member of the Education and Outreach
Committee and is in charge of the Young Artist Auditions. She brought new energy to that
task and has successfully coordinated a virtual audition competition this year, resulting in
two winners who have been awarded scholarships. She will continue to stay in contact with
all of the Young Artist winners from the past two years with the hope that an opportunity for
them to perform with the orchestra at a future date will be found. Sue has also volunteered
her time to staff the symphony information/donation table at concerts.

Clint Anderson is Personnel Director and chairs the Audition Committee. Clint works with
the conductor, arranging for auditions of prospective players, keeps an accurate roster of
players, and works on personnel issues. He issues contracts to regular community players
and hired professional guest artists and works with the Treasurer on required documents and
payment information. Clint plays bass trombone in the orchestra.

Jane Pence serves on Publicity and Marketing and Scholarship Committees. Jane has
assumed the responsibility of contacting businesses in the entire service area, seeking
permission and posting symphony posters before each concert. She works with Sue Hinshaw
on the Scholarship Committee, a new committee with the purpose of supporting private
music instruction for area music students. Jane has also worked the symphony information/
donation table at concerts.

Katy Olson is new to the board this year and currently serving on the Education and
Outreach and Scholarship Committees. Her ability to organize an online place for the young
artists to upload their performance videos was extremely helpful to that project. Going
forward, she has offered to help with the social media needs of our marketing work. Katy
plays violin in the orchestra.

Lauren Cash has returned to the board this year and has begun work with the Scholarship
Committee. She is a past member of the Nominating Committee. Lauren plays in the
orchestra, serving as principal of the second violin section.

Glenda Schuh is a past symphony board member and a Charter member of the Southwest
Washington Symphony Auxiliary, currently serving as its President. She has been
representing the Auxiliary at the Zoom board meetings and has been very helpful for a
number of years as one of the editors of the symphony’s print media.

Dick Uthmann is the Symphony Librarian, a past board member and currently serves on
Finance, Facilities and Asset Management Committees. He is principal clarinetist in the
orchestra. The symphony board and orchestra members are all indebted to Dick for his
many years of service to Southwest Washington Symphony.

Board membership is not a prerequisite to working on a committee. Symphony players who
are interested in joining this support team are encouraged to contact any member of the
board. The available positions and committee work varies from year to year.

Board meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend, and are held at 7:00 p.m. on the
second Tuesday of each month. For those interested in attending a symphony board 
meeting, contact Dolphine Mack, symphony representative to the board, and Mike Woods,
Board Chair. Upon receipt of your email address, Mike will send an invitation to the Zoom
meeting login link.

Board meetings are normally held at 
Trinity Lutheran Church 7pm
2021 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632

Scheduled Meetings 
Upcoming Board Meeting dates.



Meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome to observe. 
Visitors my make a short presentation to the board but may not join in board discussions or vote.
Anyone interested in being on the board or assisting committees, please submit a letter of interest to
PO Box 1011, Longview WA 98632


Committee Assignments: 

1. Executive Committee: Board Officers- David Walworth, Kurt Harbaugh, Jodi Greig, Cindy Brado, Merry Lloyd.

2. Budget, Finance & Endowment Committee: Financial Secretary-Merry Lloyd, Treasurer-Cindy Brado, Dick Uthmann, James Pafundi.

3. Fund Raising Committee: Sarah Koss, Kris McElroy-Weber, Sharon Floyd.

4. Publicity & Marketing Committee: Perry Piper, Sue Lane, Seth Burns, Pat Martin.

5. Education & Outreach Committee: Ron Joslin, David Walworth, Kris McElroyWeber.

6. Program Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Librarian-Dick Uthmann, Concert Master-Steven Shepard, Perry Piper, Kurt Harbaugh, David Taylor, Sharon Floyd, Principal players in the orchestra.

7. Audition Committee: Music Director-Rob Davis, Clint Anderson, Steven Shepard, Principals as needed.

8. Asset Management Committee: Librarian-Dick Uthmann.

9. Facilities Committee: David Walworth, Dick Uthmann, Kurt Harbaugh.

10. Nominating Committee: Marge Ofstun, Leslie Roth, Leslie Dahl, Polly McClelland, Lauren Cash, Glenda Schuh.

11. Policy and Bylaws Committee: David Walworth, Jodi Greig, Glenda Schuh, James Pafundi, Nicole Tideman, David Taylor.

12. Webmaster: Rod Lloyd

13. Personnel Manager: Clint Anderson.

14. Librarian: Dick Uthmann.