Admission to all concerts is free!
No Strings Attached except those to the instruments
On a Lighter Note!! or Music to my Ears!!

True SURROUND SOUND is what I experienced at the recent permanence of the Southwest Washington Symphony Orchestra. I was privileged to be the first to sit in a "Merry Chair" amidst the members of the Orchestra, ON STAGE.   It was thrilling to hear that wonderful music 'up close and personal' and to watch the face of Ryan Heller, the conductor. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who loves classical music!!  To find out how YOU can sit with the musicians, email   This is a fundraiser for the Symphony Auxiliary and the money goes to the scholarships we offer to area students going on with music in college.

Kenna and Roman were two of the lucky kids sponsored for the Merry Chair during the Spring concert

Merry Chair

Merry Lloyd
MERRY CHAIR   Your chance to sit on stage with the orchestra during a concert.  For a $50 minimum donation you will be seated amidst the orchestra and be able to experience true SURROUND SOUND watching the conductor as he brings 'music' out of the notes on a page with the SWSA Symphony Orchestra - it is an experience you will never forget and will want to repeat!   All money goes to the scholarship fund for selected area students who continue with music in college.