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Current Registered Batoneers

Applicant: Patricia (P.J.) Peterson, Sponsor: Jeri Kay Lesneski,    Current Bid: $60      Bid
Applicant: Shelley Jacobs,  Sponsor: Shelley Jacobs,   Current Bid: $100      Bid
Applicant: Gerard Bautista,  Sponsor: Michael Paul,   Current Bid: $0      Bid
Applicant: Katherine Mahoney,  Sponsor: Merran Mahoney,   Current Bid: $150      Bid

Click the BID icon to place your $10 [or more] bid.  Just bid the extra amount.   Your bid might not show up right away.
“Battle for the Baton” Competition

Southwest Washington Symphony Auxiliary is once again sponsoring “Battle for the Baton” as a means to fund scholarships awarded to winners of the Southwest Washington Symphony Young Artist Auditions. The Auxiliary is now recruiting competitors for the Baton. While some previous guest conductors have been trained musicians, many have not. Either way, all of them have brought a sense of community spirit and enjoyment to the audience. We encourage competitors to have fun while gathering donations for scholarships and competing to win the Baton for the Symphony’s Fall Pops Concert, October 14, 2018 at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Registration for “Battle for the Baton” conductors is now open.
To register, C
lick Here

Competitors will be listed on the Southwest Washington Symphony website ( Competitors may be sponsored by an organization, or an individual, but each sponsored person must agree to be nominated. The nominee (and/or sponsoring organization) will then enlist as many donations as possible until August 31, 2018.

Donations for each competitor may be made here with a minimum donation of $10.00. The competitor with the highest total amount of money donated in their name will be announced on the website on September 1, 2018, and will conduct a selection of music at the Symphony’s Fall Pops Concert.

For more information please contact Robert Mumford at or call him at 360-425-0430.